75 years is a long time. It is almost impossible to count all the inventions and innovations that were born in Begunje. Elan’s products were always ahead of their time, giving those in the know a glimpse into the future.


The 1980s were the golden age for Elan in competitive ski racing. At the time, racing legends Ingemar Stenmark, Bojan Križaj, Mateja Svet and others skied to victory on Elan skis. In the winter of 1987, the RC Comprex took the ski world by storm, carving their way to the podium. To commemorate Elan’s 75th anniversary, the legendary RC Comprex is reborn for the celebration.

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Here you can find Official rules of 75th Years prize game.


The RC Comprex inspires two new skis with different characteristics and modern shapes, with the original graphics.


Filip Flisar and Glen Plake have chosen models that fit their styles. Filip chose the version based on the SLX that allows him to make carved, connected turns from start to finish without losing energy. Glen, on the other hand, picked the version derived from the Wingman 86 CTi that offers him the freedom and playfulness to handle powder, groomed slopes and everything in between.

SLX 75 YEARS Fusion X


The eighties were also recognized for their unique fashion trends. Ski resorts were flooded with neon colors, fitted cuts, and wild styles that exemplified the attitude of skiing. To compliment the RC Comprex throwback graphics, we have prepared a colorful collection of clothing and accessories for skiing and leisure, fitting the design of RC Comprex, to match the retro style of the time-period.

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