Elan is a dedicated ski manufacturer located in the Slovenian Alps, with almost 80 years of experience building the best skis in the world for friends and families who live the skiing lifestyle and are all about good times in the mountains. Good times is what Elan is all about, and the best times are those spent with friends and family in the mountains. Whether it’s a family weekend road trip to your favorite local destination or a backcountry adventure with your best friends, it’s always good times when you surround yourself with the people you’re closest to.

Good times is what Elan is all about, and the best times are those spent with friends and family in the mountains. Whether it’s a family weekend road trip to your favorite local destination or a backcountry adventure with your best buddies, it’s always good times when you surround yourself with the ones you’re closest too. The good times skier may or may not be local, but they are always up for an adventure or new experience in any condition - laughing, joking and enjoying being around each other. Whether they’re related or not, they act as family. When they get to the top of a run they encourage each other, and when they get to the bottom they celebrate and enjoy everything the mountain lifestyle has to offer. When skiing lifestyle meets friends and family it’s Always Good Times.

It’s an individual sport that is only truly great when done in groups.

Share memories, create bonds, enjoy the
always good times with Elan song.

Skiing is an experience, that creates unforgettable memories and bonds. It is similar to music. Songs are most of the time connected with special occasions and events and therefore recall emotions when hearing them again. The good times skiers are always up for an adventure or new experience in any condition enjoying being around each other. Music is a part of the experience and Elan was inspired by a new song as it represents what they love the most. Elan brand stories will be supported by the rhythm of the Always Good Times song, available on Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube.

How do you measure a perfect skiing day? Great snow conditions and sunny weather are a good start, but the real beauty is found in the emotions and feelings when we can laugh, smile, and throw high fives after a great day - whether carving the perfect turn on groomers, ripping bottomless powder, or just casually cruising down the mountain. Add great friends or family to these situations, and you have something completely different. You have an experience. You have an adventure. You have stories you can tell for years to come. You’ve created great memories, together. A great day of skiing is different for everyone, but they all have one thing in common - good times. At Elan, we want our skiers to have the best time possible on the mountain and share that experience with the people closest to them. Having a good time with friends, family, kids, parents, partners, brothers, sisters or cousins - that’s what skiing is all about.

Skiing creates memories and memories create bonds. And that is why Elan is all about good times.


We’ve been innovating for decades for one simple purpose – to make the skiing experience better for everyone, from beginner to expert. Decades of constantly pushing the design envelope – from sidecuts to constructions, materials to production processes – we challenge ourselves to design the best performance, highest quality and state of the art products. IIt is with this uncommon valor that we have committed our brand to this one goal, and to deliver on our promise to make every day the best day on snow for Elan skiers.

Innovation is a key element of Elan’s organizational culture, integrated into every stage of development and all areas of activity.

  1. Screen printing

    Elan was the first ski manufacturer to use screen printing technology to decorate the top sheets of skis.

  2. Elan Clac GS 740

    The first skis in the world equipped with the "CLAC" magnet system, designed to make carrying skis easier.

  3. Uniline skis

    The revolutionary Uniline skis which featured extreme sidecut for the time which it was introduced. This model was prized by racers.

  4. MBX skis

    The first cap construction ski on the market.

  5. SCX skis

    The SCX skis opened the door to a completely new way of skiing, a technique now known as carving.

  6. Waveflex technology™

    A technology that provides high torsional stiffness and simultaneously improves the skis’ ability to flex and carve.

  7. Amphibio technology

    Amphibio Truline elevates the asymmetrical ski design to the next dimension by strategically locating materials within the ski. Structural material is placed over the full length of the inside ski edge, providing more stability and power - while less material is applied over the outside edge, resulting in a smooth, easy, and perfect turn.

  8. U-Flex for kids

    U-Flex technology is a unique construction and profile that allows a junior ski to be 25% more flexible. This unique and patented technology enables easy learning and provides greater performance for initial on-snow experience.

  9. Ibex Tactix

    The first folding touring ski. The Ibex Tactix is an innovative approach to equipment built to move easily, deploy tactically, and perform under pressure in unique, adventurous situations.

  10. Voyager

    The Elan Voyager is the world’s first high performance, folding, all-mountain ski. On one side, it’s very convenient to carry as it folds under 1m. On the other side, the Voyager happily tackles anything a demanding skier can wish from a ski, without compromising performance.


Each and every Elan ski bears the inscription "Handcrafted in the Slovenian Alps". It’s a symbol of pride and these words say it all. Mountains are a permanent source of inspiration for all skiers. Begunje na Gorenjskem is a small town, but only in terms of physical size and population. In the ski world however, Begunje is a capital city, a metropolis of ski innovation. The inventions developed here, and launched to improve the skiing experience, are too numerous to count. Each time a breakthrough product is presented, people have said “This is it! It can’t get any better than this.” And each time the engineers at Elan develop something new, better, and even more efficient.

Elan Team

At Elan, we don’t just build skis, we build better skis, and dedication to handcrafting skis is not just a statement, it’s a promise. Earning praise year after year, Elan skis are not only validated by test results and design awards.

They are also approved by top-level athletes, as well as thousands of skiers around the world, who trust Elan to provide equipment that produces exceptional experiences in the mountains, again and again.

W Studio

An incredible power lies within women who succeed to be mothers, sisters, friends, partners, and leaders; and who always find time for their passions.

At the W Studio we create and enhance skis that reflect your needs and wishes. Our innovation is fed by your desire to bring laughter and energy to the mountains.


Elan has been working towards various sustainability efforts to set an example as a leading ski manufacturer and global supplier. We are looking at every aspect of our business and making changes, as well as new decisions that are focused on our environmental and social goals. We are passionate about the places we ski and want to do everything we can to protect and save them for generations to come.


Elan is organizing free equipment testing days throughout Europe as part of its Always Good Times Tour. The Elan test fleet will travel to over thirty locations across Europe.


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