We Create skis with people who inspire, is an annual project in which Elan works with a unique person to create a ski with Elan genes that helps tell a story. This year, together with a successful young entrepreneur Justine Hutteau, we are telling a story of the most environmentally friendly ski ever created at Elan.

As a heritage brand, deeply connected to its local community and environment, sustainable development has always been part of Elan’s identity. Today, Elan is the only global ski manufacturing company running 100% on green energy that can claim all products are handmade in a single location in the Alps.

The most Eco ski of them all
Wildcat 82 x Justine Hutteau

The new Wildcat 82 x Justine Hutteau is designed with a sustainable approach in mind, challenging Elan to develop new innovative solutions how to make a ski even more kind to the nature without affecting its performance. This Wildcat will dominate any terrain on the slopes and the heart of a passionate skier.

Click on the green circles and learn about the construction of the skis.

Product Image


The Wildcat 82 x Justine Hutteau features both construction and design elements that ensure a more responsibly produced ski. Transparency in the digitally printed graphic allows for less wasted ink and eliminates volatile organic compound waste, while allowing a look into the eco-woodcore that is sourced from verified, sustainable forestry practices.  These forward-thinking innovations result in a product that connects the environmentally responsible philosophies of Respire and Elan.


Justine Hutteau is a young, creative entrepreneur who made her way into the business word with her own eco-responsible cosmetics brand Respire. Respire is a brand of natural hygiene care, made in France, vegan and eco-responsible. Their mantra? "Your Body Is Magic". Inspiration for her business growth can be found in her passion for sport, especially for trail running which brought her amazing results. No wonder that according to Forbes magazine she is one of the most influential women in France.


The human connection to nature is fundamental, unique and so long-lasting that we feel it is part of our own DNA.

This deep connection has played a decisive role in mankind’s ability to adapt to conditions and develop its innovative potential. For those of us who have always lived close to winter, ingenuity and innovation have been a way of life and sustainable progress. Elan was born into winter, into a place of unspoiled nature, and through its commitment to innovation has become a company that places sustainability at the center of its existence.