Frequently Asked Questions

Selecting the right ski model

Which ski is best for me?

Our Ski selector page will help you find the perfect ski for your needs. You can also ask your local dealer. They can also help you find your most suitable Elan ski.

What is the correct size for a child?

Optimal size for a recreational junior skier is eye height. Shorter the skis, easier will turn them, longer the skis – more stability at speed will have. Skis shouldn't be lower than chest or higher as the child.

Where I can test Elan skis?

Elan’s Always Good Times Tour takes place every winter across 12 European countries between December and March. Check the Always Good Times tour page to see the nearest on snow test. All tests are free of charge!

Elan dealers have as well often test skis in the shop. Take a look at the nearest shop from the dealer locator page and ask for test skis.

Contact Us

Can I contact you if I have a question?

Yes of course. If you can’t see your answer here, please get in touch with us via or contact us via Elan Skis’s Facebook page.

How can I receive autographed cards or stickers from Elan team?

To receive autographed cards from one of our team member please send your full name, address and the name of the member of Elan team that you would like to have cards from to: Please understand that we have a limited amount of autographed cards to give out, so we only send one card per team member to one person. Also, we do not reply to multiple requests per season. Requests may take up to a few weeks to process, so please be patient. Please do not email or call about pending autograph cards requests.

How can I receive Elan stickers?

To receive stickers please send your full name and address to the contact email of our distribution partner for your country. You can find the contacts of our distribution partners from the contact page.

How do I apply for Elan sponsorship?

We have different team sections at Elan. The Racing department covers our FIS Junior Alpine and Skicross team and a team manager in the marketing department is responsible for other team members. 

As far as FIS team section goes, the Racing department makes the selection of potential skiers that we would like to sponsor, so at the moment we do not collect applications for sponsorships. You can however contact one of our distribution partners if you are an upcoming skier and would like to work with us. You can find the contacts of our distribution partners from the contact page.

The global team is supported by Elan HQ, but we should let you know that our standards for sponsoring athletes are quite high. If you think you have what it takes, please submit your photos or/and video edit to Additionally, attaching a resume and a cover letter summarizing recent contest results, video views, magazine exposure or relevant work experience is recommended. 

Local heroes are supported by our distribution companies and local reps, but still undergo an evaluation process by our HQ, so the above mentioned protocol also applies for these two teams. If your sponsorship request passes the evaluation process by the Elan HQ successfully we will forward your application to the right distribution company.

I work as a full-time mountain employee, am I eligible for a proform?

For Pro deals contact the Elan distribution company in your country. You can find the contacts of our distribution partners from the contact page.

Are you hiring?

Sometimes. Please send your resume and cover letter, explaining why you would want to work at Elan to Even if we do not need your help at the moment, we will keep your info in our database and contact you if we will be hiring.


How does the Elan warranty process work?

Elan warranty policy applies only to products purchased from authorized dealers (eBay is NOT an authorized Elan dealer) and is valid only for the original purchaser.

Warranty claims are to be made through the authorized Elan dealer where the product was purchased. The dealer will initiate the warranty process and ship the product to Elan if necessary.

If the product was purchased online, you must contact the online shop where the product was purchased. Normally, the dealer will ask for proof of purchase and several photos of the affected area(s).

Ski maintenance & service

Can I go skiing after purchasing a new pair of skis or I need to service them first?

YES -  there is no need to go to service before first usage. Skis are already waxed and tuned, so you can go directly from shop to snow!

What angles are used for factory tuning?

All our skis are factory tuned -1°base and -2°side bevel with +/- 0,5 tolerance . Of course every rider can use own settings later on – especially extreme carving and racers are using side angles down to 86°, which makes ski more aggressive and improves edge hold, but makes ski more difficult to slide into a turn. While freestyle skiers detune their edges not to be sharp, so they don't catch rails and objects on their run. 

Does it make sense to transport skis in a ski bag?

Yes, it makes sense to transport skis in a ski bag, however, it is imperative that wet skis do not remain in the bag over a longer period of time to avoid any risk of corrosion.

How do I need to store my skis during the summer period?

The base should be prepared with a layer of wax prior to the upcoming summer break so it has optimum protection against outside influences. Just before the season starts all you have to do is scrape off the wax. Store them in a cool dry place. Doesn't matter if skis are placed vertical or horizontal, but leave the bindings open.

How often I need to service my skis ?

Skis needs to be serviced when you notice that edges are not sharp anymore and base is dry. Approximately that is every 20 skiing days or at least once per year.

How often I need to re-check my binding settings? 

We advise checking your binding setting at the beginning of every season and whenever you make changes in your boot setup. Bindings must be checked and adjusted only by professional dealers. 

Elan PRO Deal

The Elan PRO deal is a membership program for qualified skiing professionals, and ski industry partners. Membership is by application, is not guaranteed and can be revoked at any time. If you are interested, please apply via application and we will get in contact.

Fast facts about Elan

Where are Elan skis made ?

The Elan factory is located in Begunje, Slovenia about 30 minutes from Kranjska Gora and 10 minutes from Bled. All skis are designed and produced there – on the sunny side of the Alps! 

When was Elan founded?

Elan was founded in year 1945. Right after World War 2.