Elan, sustainable by nature

Elan, sustainable by nature

The human connection to nature is fundamental, unique and so long-lasting that we feel it is part of our own DNA. This deep connection has played a decisive role in mankind’s ability to adapt to conditions and develop its innovative potential. For those of us who have always lived close to winter, ingenuity and innovation have been a way of life and sustainable progress. Elan was born into winter, into a place of unspoiled nature, and through its commitment to innovation has become a company that places sustainability at the center of its existence.

Slovenia is considered the birth place of skiing. We have been skiing the slopes for almost 400 years, and for more than 75 years we have been developing world-class skis and innovative systems that set trends in skiing in Begunje in the eastern corner of the Alps. Our history has been a path of constant testing and improvement. Every piece of equipment bearing the ELAN name carries a guarantee of lasting quality and a commitment to environmental sustainability. Being sustainable by nature is a responsibility that shapes our business ethos and guides our production methods.


Elan is the only international ski manufacturer that can claim to design, engineer, test, and manufacture its products by hand entirely in one place. The transfer of knowledge through multiple generations and efficient adaptation of our production processes allows us to have full vertical production at a single site in Begunje.


Our rich history of development and manufacturing is based on continuous innovation and with each new generation of products the company also strives to improve the sustainability footprint of its products.  This time Elan has made a new commitment to the community by accepting the responsibility of caring for a part of the local forest of the Poljče Agrarian Community, where it has planted 1,000 trees. 

Local knowledge, Regional sourcing, Global example

Elan's promise of sustainability starts with the raw materials required to produce skis to the standards of the most demanding skiers without sacrificing our commitment to the environment.

1% Rest of the world | 13 % Rest of Europe | 68 % Within 400 km/R from Begunje | 18 % Slovenia

As much as 99% of the raw materials for our skis come from the European Union, with almost 70% of them coming from within 400 kilometres of our factory. Consequently, we ensure a short transport chain for our raw materials and contribute to an overall reduction of the company's carbon footprint. In its early days, Elan used only wood from local forests to make its skis. Today, as an international manufacturer, the company continues to make its skis from sustainably sourced wood with controlled origin and traceability.

Green Star CertificateGreen Star Certificate

Elan’s sustainability actions have been recognized by GREEN STAR, the first certificate of its kind for contribution to climate neutrality and a greener future. CER Sustainable Business Network - the Slovenian-based third-party assessment uses science-based metrics and data to set strategic priorities and highlight areas of improvement to help achieve green transformation and the road to net zero, giving Elan recognition of a “determined challenger”.


Elan athletes are a part of our family. Their way of life also reflects their way of thinking and their attitude towards nature. Their respect for nature is also natural, like Elan's, and the awareness for giving back what we take is a common sentiment they share with us.

Skiing is an activity that deeply affects nature and the environment

Caroline Gleich is not a large person, in terms of physical stature. But her diminutive exterior belies her inner strength, determination, and confidence. Her eyes, words, and actions exude tremendous energy. Her adventures and acts in skiing, mountaineering, exploration, environmentalism, and activism carry that same energy and she has seen the most remote corners of our planet.

The main purpose of the expedition was to climb Mt. Vinson, the highest peak of Antarctica. In addition, she also got in touch with a number of women scientists who are doing various research there in order to raise awareness of the importance of Antarctic ice.


Elan supports its ambassadors and they support us, by sharing a vision of sustainability. Together, we strive to preserve our surroundings and care for nature through sustainable behavior and actions for a better future.

Skiing for good

"As I make my way up the mountain I am fully aware of the fact that each part of my equipment has left a footprint during production. Just like I draw two slowly extending parallel lines with each step. That is just how it is, all living beings leave their traces as they go through life," says Rok Rozman.


Acting sustainably has defined us for decades already. Generations of actions prove that our care for nature is anchored in our everyday actions from the very beginning. Our pride in executing sustainable activities on all levels is our promise to people, nature and company.


Elan is a socially responsible company. It is a fact and our honest commitment. We owe it to all skiers and active-lifestyle enthusiasts in the present and to come. We responsibly support different activities, taking care of people and nature, for a better future.


The new Elan Voyager is the world’s first high performance, folding, all-mountain ski. On one side very convenient to carry as it folds under 1m. On the other side will the Voyager happily tackle anything a demanding skier can wish from a ski, without compromising a single bit of a performance.


Lauren Salko, a Park City, UT based ski cross racer and Elan ambassador has developed a custom, limited edition Elan Ripstick 94 W. As an athlete living with Type 1 diabetes, Lauren is committed to showing others that T1D isn't something that should hold them back and her ski is a symbol of this message.


As part of the project partnership, Elan made a special pair of Voyager skis that opened the door to communications about the company's sustainability measures with the slogan "Probably the most green skis ever made".


The project of donating kids’ skis is reflects our mission as we firmly believe everybody can have a great skiing experience and that there is nothing better than spending time in the snow covered mountains with friends and family.


For decades, the name Elan has been synonymous with sports equipment that is designed with a clear goal in mind: to provide the absolute best sporting experience to recreational and professional skiers.

Receiving the prestigious title of the Most Innovative Brand of 2012, 2013 and 2015 in the sports equipment category, awarded by the German organization Plus X Award, and being praised by more than 300 awards for innovation, quality and design, confirms that innovation combined with technical and design perfection are the qualities that make us the first choice for industry experts as well as our customers. We collaborate with leading experts in design, because we know that excellence comes through the integration of a wealth of experience and specialized multidisciplinary knowledge. Our commitment to development and innovation and our dedication to achieving our goals have strengthened Elan’s position among the world’s leading manufacturers of skis as well as other sports equipment; the Elan ski factory has become the largest ski production facility in the world. Since 1945 when the first wooden elan skis were created, each season the new features and improvements of our product collections have dictated trends on ski slopes around the world.

On the global level, Elan’s greatest achievements have included carving skis (1990), which completely redefined skiing, Waveflex™ (2006), a technology that provides high torsional stiffness and simultaneously improves the skis’ bending ability, and Amphibio (2011), an original technology that uniquely combines powerful edge grip and easy turning – for safe and smooth skiing. Elan lately earned recognition for launching a game changer - the world’s first all-mountain folding ski, the Elan Voyager, released in 2021 and distinguished by the most prestigious awards.

Innovation is a key element of Elan’s organizational culture, integrated into every stage of development and all areas of activity.

Elan has been working towards various sustainability efforts to set an example as a leading ski manufacturer and global supplier. We are looking under every aspect of our business and making changes as well as new decisions that are focused around our environmental and social goals. We are passionate about the places we ski and want to do everything we can to protect and save them for generations to come.