We will take you on our trips (virtually), so you can explore mountains through the eyes of a mountain guide and it will open yours, we promise!

In this series, Vertical Adventures Slovenia reveals some of the secrets that IFMGA guides learned in the field during extensive time in the mountains. They will host friends and experts to talk about safety, tips and tricks for the mountains, and will recommend gear based on long days spent working in the backcountry. In part one, the goal is to spread the word to the skiing community about the importance of snow safety, while enjoying the best activity we can do on snow. They also began the series due to the unusual season; there has been enormous increase of outdoor users in the backcountry due to limited operations of ski resorts. Their extensive knowledge on the subject, as well as years of experience organizing workshops, events and seminars for both every day users and professionals, has established their trust in the community to give a tip or two.

Rok Zalokar is an IFMGA mountain guide, snow safety researcher, and guide instructor. His passion has always been centered around the mountains and snow, starting with his first serious international climbing expeditions at age 17, skiing almost before he could walk. He fed his adrenalin through BASE jumping, exploring the lesser known corners of the world with his partner Petra, and later established Vertical Adventures Slovenia, a mountain guiding company and an educational platform for those who want to learn more about the mountain environment. Their latest project is a heli-ski operation in the heart of the Balkan - Albanian Alps. Rok is a true professional, innovator, and explorer with an amazingly calm, responsive character. All in all, he’s an open person who will make you feel accepted and pleasant in his company.



Ski touring basics

In all episodes we will show you our perspective on the theme presented in the video. We start with the basic gear and explain the pros and cons between different equipment. Most importantly, we start with the importance of friendship, group dynamics, and snow safety... A theme that continues in the next 2 videos.


Avalanche safety – decisions & rescue

There are 4 basic element of avalanche safety gear: beacon, shovel, probe and knowledge!! They work together as a whole. 


Avalanche safety - beacon: where, why, how?

In this video, we focus on basic steps about beacon use. From switching it on to use in search mode to performing a rescue, total beginners and experts will learn some useful tips. Again, this is from my perspective and it may vary from yours, but we are open for a discussion, because we believe it might save lives.


How to pick up a backcountry skis?

The formula is simple. You can’t go wrong when choosing a ski that was hand made in the Alps :). In this episode, we talk Blaž from Elan and will answer what skis are the best choice for your next adventure!


Ski touring ascent

Unfortunately, this year many of the resorts are closed, but that won’t stop us. In this episode, we put skins on skis and earn our turns. Even if you’re familiar with touring, there is a tip or two you might not know, so stay tuned and don’t be surprised if we release another video this season.



Directed by Maël Ollivier

Produced by Solid Rusk, Julien Geay

Photography by VisualBy media, Valentin Bigi

Skiers: Maël Ollivier, Maud Ringwald, Pascal Follen


"I have to say, I had a lot of help from Blaž Pečuh from Elan, as well as Luka Stražar and Matej Kovačič, fellow guides on this project. Between the three of us, we used everything from the new Ripstick Tour 88, to Ripstick 96, 106, and even 116. My go to skis this season are Ripstick 96 and Ripstick 116. I am a tall guy - 187cm - and love to have an efficient magic carpet under my feet and with winter being so generous to us, we were fortunate enough to spend many days already on my beloved 116. That's the sign of a deeeeeeep season :)" Rok Zalokar.

“I took off and put back the skins 7 times in a day and it was still sticking perfectly to the base. Amazing!” Maël Ollivier