Sonda & Elan
skis designed by people

SONDA&ELAN skis Designed by People is the first project of Sonda Creative Center, located on the Istrian Peninsula, that combines the local community and public in the process of creation. Together, we have created the first commercial ski, designed by people with no previous experience in designing a specific product, but with a desire to show how they can turn their own creativity into an effective product while sending an important message.


If groomers are your domain and versatility is your desire, meet the Amphibio We are One equipped with a single layer of carbon to reduce weight but add performance for your all-mountain needs. Amplified by Amphibio Truline and RST sidewalls for exceptional stability and responsiveness to keep you cruising all day long.


Studio Sonda is an internationally awarded creative studio for design and communication and the first studio to collaborate on projects with the wider community cooperating with their partner - Association Sonda. In the Sonda Creative Center located in an inspiring and authentic environment, together with colleagues, community, and business partners/clients, Sonda creates globally relevant brands, products, projects, and programs that have real market success, which above all, always connect and create a better society – a society of ideas.


Believing in the high efficiency of creativity that exists in each individual, Sonda established the Sonda Designed by People program, in which they invite all interested people, regardless of their prior knowledge or experience, to design a market-relevant product. For the first Sonda Designed by People workshop, they selected the six most motivated participants and together approached the task of designing high-tech unisex Elan skis recognizable by the unique Amphibio technology during seven intensive workshops.


Inspired by the distinctiveness of the Amphibio technology - the difference between left and right skis - the WE ARE ONE concept was devised. Apart from the technological aspects, the visual differentiation of left and right skis represents differences in society as well. Moreover, while pairing the two skis represents the unisex concept, it was also decided to symbolically articulate an important message - although different from each other, we are all one - that skis endlessly connect us in various ways:


Because skis are unisex, equally intended for both men and women.


Because a pair of skis connect with the next one, and Elan is a ski brand that is positioned under the slogan “Always good times”, in other terms primarily as a brand that provides fun on the snow in good company, with friends and family.


Because in these times the message of unity is important more than ever.


Because six strangers designed the ski as if they were one!